Marketing any business follows some basic principles, which all interested parties need to be aware of. Businesses must understand their own brand, in terms of strategy and management, and they need to have an awareness of consumers and their behaviours. Franchises have some distinct advantages over other types of business models, because they punch above their weight, in terms of market presence and reach. Small businesses operators become larger, due to their association with others like them under the one banner. Consumers become more aware of franchised businesses sooner, as they see them in the marketplace in different geographic locations more often than sole traders.

How to Hack Business Growth for Franchises

There are two things to consider when marketing a franchised business. Firstly, the franchisee’s branch of the business; and secondly, the franchise as a whole brand. Owner/operators want business growth for their territory, but it is in the interest of both franchisor and franchisee for the whole franchise to burgeon and flourish in the marketplace. They want more people to follow this successful idea and to start a high performing business under that franchise brand. Growth begets growth, to put it in Biblical terms.

Whether it be a hospitality business, as so many franchise model businesses are, or something else entirely, franchises deliver strong profits, when properly managed. Like the feudal system of old, the more soldiers a lord has on the ground, the greater the kingdom for all concerned. Promoting the success of the franchise itself has multiple positive effects all round. Brand image and personality are expanded through any enlargement of the number of franchisees. Advertising is more effective when it is reinforced by the presence of visible outlets in the marketplace. Brand communication becomes multi-tiered and works on several fronts simultaneously.

Consumers are awakened to the presence of this franchised brand repeatedly and the brand cuts through the background noise. Social media can play an important part in creating community for this brand among its loyal consumers. These platforms can give shared voices to customers, staff and other stake holders within the brand association as a whole. Organic SEO and PPC advertising can work hand in hand to promote both business growth and the growth of the franchise. Integrated marketing is essential if maximum benefits are to be attained. You cannot have different branches singing from different song sheets, it will only create confusion in the minds of consumers.