Australia is increasingly showing signs of moving, ever closer, to the American conception of healthcare as a business, rather than a community service. Doctors and dentists are marketing themselves like never before, as the medical model is privatised and commercialised. Medicare stands like an ageing monolith, crumbling around the edges, whilst conservative governments chip away it with determined neglect and covert aspirations for its destruction. Meanwhile, medical practitioners are developing brands to promote their, hopefully, distinctive services within the community. All cures are not alike in an era of aesthetic tourism and cut price cosmetic surgery in faraway places.

Top Marketing Tips & Strategies for Medical Businesses

Australia has a strong and healthy healthcare system, which has grown up on government support and protection. The growing medical tourism market is testament to the high regard our medical professionals and institutions are held in globally. Doctors and dentists are pushing for more differentiation in how they can market themselves to consumers. A shift away from one price fits all style universal healthcare is being called for within the industry. Private health insurers encourage this perception of product and service choice within the healthcare market. The wealthy will always pay more, if they can be assured they are receiving better treatment.

Successful clinics are providing top class medical care for their patients and being rewarded for their premium customer service in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Cosmetic medical services are growing quickly around the nation, as doctors and dentists improve the appearances and self-esteem of their patients. Brand differentiation is the most important element in this newly emerging healthcare market. Creating a successful brand image will go a long way to capturing more business for these providers of healthcare in Australia. Core brand values, which speak of quality service, high standards, and track records of excellence, are essential to these new medical brands.

Consumers in this market want to be able to trust these clinics and practitioners, literally, with their lives. Doctors and dentists must maintain that ‘white coated’ integrity in everything they do. Any sniff of malpractice or dodgy behaviour will result in permanent damage to reputation and subsequent penury. Social media platforms can be utilised for community building stratagems, which can build loyal customer bases. Digital marketing has been a godsend for this industry, in that it allows for intimate B2C communications. Sophisticated marketing messages can be effectively conveyed to the benefit of both doctor and patient, business and consumer.